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Our Mission

YOLO Medical’s Mission is to enhance access to all for medical care, education, and procedures that are commonly too expensive and unattainable by most due to cost.

Our Vision

We envision people receiving the care they deserve and not having to be turned away for their inability to pay full price for services.

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Our Story

Learn why we do what we do below.

You Only Live Once Medical was founded in order to support and foster wellness and cutting edge health care treatments in the community.  After spending time offering high cost services to clients, we wanted to be able to provide those services to every individual without the worry about how they would afford it. 

Everyone deserves to learn and understand what services are out there that can benefit their health and be able to pay what they can in order to attain the care they deserve.

We offer a variety of approaches to achieve and maintain your optimal health. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental well-being,

We shouldn't be limiting incredible medical care and treatments to only the wealthy. Everyone deserves those resources, even if they can't afford them right now.

Kortney Arnold, NP

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502.230.2050              fax: 502.684.8480

1169 Eastern Parkway, Ste 3450, Louisville, KY, 40217


fax: 502.684.8480

1169 Eastern Parkway, Ste 3450, Louisville, KY, 40217

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